One Hysterical Mamacita!

Patti Vasquez was back at the Wilmette Theater last night as “One Hysterical Mamacita”, in a hilarious show sponsored by Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony. What I like most about Patti (besides the belly laughs that she induces) is that she is so candid, so believable. A mom of two boys, Patti turns the tribulations of every day into first rate comedy. Whether she is talking about her own parents (her Mexican mom met her Irish father when rode in his cab after landing at Chicago O’Hare airport for the first time), her in-laws, her kids, she is telling stories that anyone can relate to – and laugh!

The show was part of Ladies’ Night Out at Wilmette center and brought in several women for an evening of shopping, fun, and perhaps a glass of wine. Nili Yellin, aka, The Storybook Mom, opened the show. The one male that I saw in the audience, a young reporter from the Wilmette Beacon, was thoroughly amused. I believe he learned more than he ever wanted to know about important female junctures, such as giving birth, visiting the Gyn-Ob, and the use of Spanx.

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