Hi Ho Silver!

Silver is a Masai Giraffe, the largest male giraffe in the world famous San Diego Zoo. Silver was born on May 16, 1993, at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C, then moved to San Diego. Silver weight about 2,400 lbs (over 1 ton!) and is almost 17 feet tall (mostly neck!) He is the Zoo’s only breeding male and has fathered seven calves so far. Silver lives with several other giraffes at the Zoo, He has a great personality, and is a favorite with Zoo guests and animal keepers. Silver spends most of his day eating. He enjoys acacia and fig tree branches.  He will check each day to see if any new leaves have grown close to his reach, then he uses his long tongue to get every last one!

Gund, the toy manufacturer, has immortalized Silver in a cute plush giraffe. He is soft and cuddly, only about 10.5” and doesn’t eat much! A fun toy, and helpful too: 7% of the proceeds from Gund Silver Giraffe go to global conservation funds!

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