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July 22, 2011

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Fly Danny Fly Book

Gina Restivo and Chip Gilbertson met on, under the children’s book section. They both are enthused by stories about flying pigs, and they both had always dreamed about  writing a children’s book. Gina lived in the same neighborhood as young Danny Stanton. Danny was only 4 years old when he died of a seizure experienced while sleeping, in 2009.

Less than a month later, Danny’s parents created the Danny Did Foundation, whose mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The foundation has two main goals. First, advancing awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) and enhancing the SUDEP communication model between medical professionals and those afflicted by seizures. The other goal is the mainstreaming of seizure detection and prediction devices as well as other technologies that may assist in preventing deaths caused by seizures.


Gina and Chip were touched and inspired by Danny’s story, his family, and the foundation.  Fly, Danny, Fly is a story of possibility, perseverance, and hope.  It is the story of a young boy and his flying pig, traveling in a journey of self discovery.  Smile as he learns to embrace what others see. This story will make you laugh. It will remind you of the rewards to be had for accepting the wonderful differences in us all. The nature and message of the book  provided Gina and Chip with the energy to pull this project together, finding an illustrator, editor, printer, etc, and of course getting the book into the readers hand!

Gina and Chip will be at Evanston’s children boutique Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony (1917 Central St, 847-866 6292) on Saturday July 23, 2-4pm for a book reading and signing. Refreshments will be served. No rsvp necessary.

Part of the proceeds of the sale of the book goes to Danny Did Foundation. More information at

Meet Joy Cha from Love Lemon Loves Lime

February 17, 2011

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We get a lot of “ooohhhs” and “aahhhs” in our Evanston children boutique, and lately Lemon Loves Lime has been prompting a great share of it. This fabulous line, designed by Joy Cha, is beyond doubt, one of the most unique girls’ collections out there at present. Two signature design elements make Lemon Loves Lime so distinctive: masses of ruffles and exquisite crocheted appliqués. The clothes catch the eyes of every girly girl!

Lemon Loves Lime Mermaid Top

Joy moved from New York to the Chicago area about two years ago. So, we like to refer to her as a “local designer”, even though that’s pushing the envelope! Joy is a very genuine person, who answers her own phone and emails. She has kindly agreed to answer a few questions so that we can all learn more about her and her amazing creations!

MPTM: How did you start designing children’s clothing?
JC: I have been designing for 25 years. For 20 years I designed women’s wear on 7th Ave, New York. I had a hard time getting pregnant, nevertheless was blessed with a daughter. She was a miracle child. When she was born I sewed, knitted and crocheted a lot of outfits for her. Lemon Loves Lime is about my love for my daughter. I have combined my passion of design and my love for her.

MPTM: Where/how do you get your inspiration?
JC: My inspiration is through my daughter’s eyes, her interest, her favorite things to do, her favorite animals, her favorite toys and activities. She is the Lemon Loves Lime girl. I take this opportunity to share my passion with other moms that feel the same way with their daughters.

MPTM: What are the best and the worst thing in your profession?
JC: The best thing in this business is that I have freedom to design, not just follow the “trends”. And travel to different countries with my partner/husband and our daughter and share these wonderful experiences together. The worst thing is that I worry that my dear daughter will grow up so quickly and I will not be able to dress her up in 5 years; I guess the next thing to do is to make a prom dress, and then a wedding dress for her. And go into that business…LOL.

We say: watch out, Vera Wang!

At Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony, one of the most popular Spring 11 styles has been the Mermaid top, a wearable work of art, with a lovely crochet mermaid, accented with sparkly beads and cascading ruffles on the shoulders. The ruffled shorts and skorts are also a favorite. In pretty colors, they match a variety of tops. And nobody else will have one like hers!

Even with the elaborate cuts and delicate embellishments, Lemon Loves Lime is surprisingly easy to wear. Dresses, skirts and tops are made out of cloud soft pima cotton knit. Most styles are pull over, with none of the buttons or zippers that most kids detest.

Lemon Loves Lime Ruffle Top and Arched Skirt

Come see Joy’s fabulous creations at Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony, our Evanston Children’s Boutique, or on-line at . Joy’s web site is

Valentines’ Day Picks

February 8, 2011

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Gotta be red, pink, or have hearts! Check out the top Valentines’ Day picks at our Evanston children store. Cute bow top by Tea Collection, and the awesome “Love Is All You Need” tee from Pluto. Adorable puppies that blow kisses when you squeeze them! Must have Elmo PJs by Hatley. Red hearts tight high socks by Pork Chop Kids. Just a few of our favorite things for Valentines’ Day!


Valentinels Day Picks


The pink “Love” romper is luxurious cotton-cashmere blend, by Bees and Dragons (shhhh, it’s on sale too!). Beatrix NY Heart backpack is made of 7 recycled plastic bottles, to show your love for mother Earth.


November 17, 2010

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Hannukah is just around the corner! The first night is December 1. Here is a selection that is sure to please the most discerning yingeles and meydeles. For her, a stunning dress by Lemon Loves Lime, in blue with cream ruffles. So chic and full of twirl. Cool t-shirts are always nice to have! The Hannukah Rocks tee is timely; Mini Mensch and Shayna Punim are year-around favorites.

“We want toys”, they say! We can go educational with the wooden Hebrew alphabet by Melissa & Doug, or teach tsedakah, with the Save, Spend and Share Bank, which has three internal compartments for, well, saving, spending, and sharing. Or, we can keep the life lessons for another occasion and get her the Zipbin Dollhouse Playpack, a portable dollhouse that doubles as a backpack. For him, we suggest the Dinosaur Playback. It opens up as pre-historic landscape, and zips easily into a backpack, capturing all t-rexes and raptors neatly inside.

Other suggestions include classic and modern stuffed animals by Gund, craft kits by The Little Experience, and the wonderful ImagiPlay wood puzzles. Check out our web site or stop by our store for more ideas and personal shopping!

One Hysterical Mamacita!

September 22, 2010

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Patti Vasquez was back at the Wilmette Theater last night as “One Hysterical Mamacita”, in a hilarious show sponsored by Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony. What I like most about Patti (besides the belly laughs that she induces) is that she is so candid, so believable. A mom of two boys, Patti turns the tribulations of every day into first rate comedy. Whether she is talking about her own parents (her Mexican mom met her Irish father when rode in his cab after landing at Chicago O’Hare airport for the first time), her in-laws, her kids, she is telling stories that anyone can relate to – and laugh!

The show was part of Ladies’ Night Out at Wilmette center and brought in several women for an evening of shopping, fun, and perhaps a glass of wine. Nili Yellin, aka, The Storybook Mom, opened the show. The one male that I saw in the audience, a young reporter from the Wilmette Beacon, was thoroughly amused. I believe he learned more than he ever wanted to know about important female junctures, such as giving birth, visiting the Gyn-Ob, and the use of Spanx.

What to Wear to Toy Story 3

June 19, 2010

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What to wear to Toy Story 3

It seems that all women stores were capitalizing on “Sex and the City 2″ to promote their Moroccan inspired wear. I thought I’d jump on the band wagon too. Except, for my constituency, Toy Story 3 is more likely to resonate.

So here are some suggestions for some kid-friendly clothes, that will go from the movies to play dates to school!

Talia Dress by Wati

Talia Dress by Wati

The Wati  Talia dress is perfect for a sunny afternoon, an ice cream cone after the movie. Fresh woven cotton in twirly layers, in pink with a hint of silver sparkle.

Wes & Willy Bulldog Ringer

Wes & Willy Bulldog Ringer

Boys will love the fun and comfy Bulldog ringer tee by Wes and Willy. Roomy and soft, it will stand up to lots of play and repeated washes, should those popcorn butter fingers leave their mark.

And of course, Daily Tea is always a good choice! Stylish and comfortable, in fantastic prints and color palettes than wear and wash so well! Mix and match the dresses, tops and bottoms: capris and french terri shorts for summer. For the boys, awesome graphics shirts inspired by Korea, to be paired with shorts or pants.

Daily Tea Collection

Daily Tea Collection

Kids get style and comfort. Moms get quality and affordability. Clothes for infinity and beyond!

Hi Ho Silver!

October 29, 2009

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Silver is a Masai Giraffe, the largest male giraffe in the world famous San Diego Zoo. Silver was born on May 16, 1993, at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C, then moved to San Diego. Silver weight about 2,400 lbs (over 1 ton!) and is almost 17 feet tall (mostly neck!) He is the Zoo’s only breeding male and has fathered seven calves so far. Silver lives with several other giraffes at the Zoo, He has a great personality, and is a favorite with Zoo guests and animal keepers. Silver spends most of his day eating. He enjoys acacia and fig tree branches.  He will check each day to see if any new leaves have grown close to his reach, then he uses his long tongue to get every last one!

Gund, the toy manufacturer, has immortalized Silver in a cute plush giraffe. He is soft and cuddly, only about 10.5” and doesn’t eat much! A fun toy, and helpful too: 7% of the proceeds from Gund Silver Giraffe go to global conservation funds!

Seal it with a Monkey Kiss!

October 2, 2009

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The Second Annual Evanston Art Walk is a juried exhibition of artwork by Illinois artists displayed in storefront windows along Central Street, Evanston, during the month of October 2009.   Over 40 different pieces of art by 29 local artists are on exhibit!

Maya Papaya& Tony Macarony is displaying Monkey Kiss, by Melanie Deal. When I first saw the artwork’s image on the web, I thought it was a quilt! It isnt. Monkey Kiss is a very unique mixed media piece: the little lips you see are actual vintage L’Oreal lipstick samples! And of course, the sock monkeys make it a perfect fit for our store!

Come for a stroll along Central and stop by Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony to see Monkey Kiss!

A complete guide and map to the exhibit is available at

Evanston Art Walk 2009, October 1-31st, along Central and Prairie.

Sleep Under–Wear Your PJ’s

September 30, 2009

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Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony are proud to present:

Nili Yelin, the Storybook Mom in

Sleep Under–Wear Your PJ’s

The popular Saturday morning children’s show offer a great way to introduce young children to theatre, storybooks, music and engage their senses in an immediate and interactive way. Come in your PJs! Nili will be in hers!

Saturday, October 3rd at 10:00am

Wilmette Theater

1122 Central Ave.

Wilmette, IL 60091


Tickets $12.

More info and advance tickets at

Sponsored by Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony

Pork Chop Kids Trunk Show

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Pork Chop Kids

Pork Chop Kids

Tights are cute, but hard to put in and out, especially with frequent diaper changes and potty breaks. Leg warmers are funky, but still require socks! What’s a mother to do? Enter Meaghan Resenhoeft. Meaghan developed Pork Chop Kids, tight-high socks that are practical and stylish! With the looks and warmth of tights, and the convenience of leg warmers when it comes to diaper changes, Pork Chop Kids are a wonderful mom-invented garment! And it goes up to size 8, so big girls can go potty without struggling with binding elastic waists and crotch!

And look at the patterns: stripes, polka-dots, argyle, solids, both in bright and soft colors, sold by the pair and in gift sets.

Meaghan is going to be at Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony on Thursday October 8, showcasing her collection! All are invited! Stop by to see and learn more about this cool new product!

Pork Chop Kids Trunk Show, Thursday Oct 8, 4-8 pm at Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony, 1917 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201.

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